Reading: The decline of saltmarsh in Botany Bay.


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The decline of saltmarsh in Botany Bay.


M L Mitchell ,

P Adam


Intertidal saltmarsh is one of the least extensive habitats in New South Wales; the total area has been recently estimated to be only c.5800ha. (West et al. 1985). The loss of a number of saltmarsh sites through infilling and reclamation has been documented (see for example Underwood & Hutchings 1987); here we discuss the reduction of saltmash through invasion by mangroves. In the Sydney regin well developed saltmarsh and mangrove communities occur in close association, with the mangroves occurring seaward of saltmarsh. Over the past century substantial increases in the area of mangrove have been reported from the Parramatta River (Thorogood 1985) and the Lane Cove River (McLoughlin 1985, 1987).
How to Cite: Mitchell, M.L. and Adam, P., 2009. The decline of saltmarsh in Botany Bay.. Wetlands Australia, 8(2), pp.pp. 55–60. DOI:
Published on 16 Oct 2009.
Peer Reviewed


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